Fundamentals Course for Beginners

How to Start

Before people can join our CrossFit group training, everyone must complete a Fundamentals Course (or *skills assessment for those that have trained at another facility). Our Fundamentals Course brings a potential member up to speed with our movements, structure of training/classes and general ethos we have at CrossFit Cork.

Step 1: Contact us to see if CrossFit Cork is for you.

Call us today and we can discuss our membership packages and explain the high quality service we offer. We can also arrange an intro class to give you an idea of what CrossFit entails.

Kevin: 0833440654

Joe 087 9322008

Step 2: Fundamentals Course.

This is where newcomers will learn the various elements and movements associated with CrossFit and how our training works in the gym.

This is a 12 session course that starts with a Functional Movement Screen a discussion about how class works and what to expect, how the booking system works and how your workout results on the system. We will cover the basics of nutrition that will give you the tools to start making a huge difference in your day to day living. And we will have a small workout:)

All the major barbell lifts will be taught in great detail with an emphasis on movement and technique. As well as that we cover a variety of body weight, kettlebell and other movements throughout the course. Each session is different but structured the same as our normal classes so that you get a feel for how a group training session will flow.

Fundamentals Course Pricing.

New Price – €150 for 12 small group fundamentals the FMS screen.

or If you want to go private training it’s €150 for 4 one to one sessions plus the FMS screen.



Skills Assessment: 

Anyone who has trained at another facility may attend a group class to be assessed by one of our coaches at a cost of €15. They will then recommend whether our fundamentals course is needed or not.

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