Group Classes

After completion of your Fundamentals Course you may join our group classes. A CrossFit group class is not like any aerobics or spinning class you may have taken in the past, in fact it’s not like any other class out there! Each class is coached by one or two trainers at a time. At CrossFit Cork we strive to create an atmosphere that is both friendly and encouraging with an edge of competitiveness to ensure that you are not only enjoying your training session but that you are also reaching your full potential. Attending a class is the easy part, putting in the work is the hard part.

A typical class is structured much like the Fundamentals. We will go through a specific group warm up, next up is a strength or skill phase, this will be followed by a high intensity conditioning element and finished off with a cool down and stretch. Whether you are training at 6:30am or 7:30pm each class in a particular day will use the same programming for that day and each class is open to all levels.

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