Coach: David Harte


Dave has the usual Irish sports history of playing hurling, football and soccer at various levels but it wasn't until he walked through the doors of CrossFit Cork in May 2012 that he found something he truly loved doing. By the end of 2012 Dave had lost in excess of 30kg and was well and truly hooked.

Dave jumped at the opportunity to learn from the team at CrossFit Cork when offered an internship in June 2013. The opportunity to learn from the vast experience and knowledge of the coaches in the gym as well as the chance to help others change their lives as he had done was too good to turn down.

Dave then completed both his FETAC and CrossFit Level 1 courses during the internship and has since gone on to complete 2 weightlifting courses, Weightlifting Ireland Level 1 and Eleiko Weightlifting for Sports.

Dave have a real passion for Olympic Lifting, both in his own training and also coaching the Olympic lifts. Nothing gives him greater pleasure than finishing a session knowing that he has helped someone improve their Snatch or their Clean & Jerk. Dave has also recently started competing in Weightlifting and in January 2015, finished 1st in 94kg category of Munster Open.

Above all else, Dave loves nothing more than being in the middle of a busy class, trying to harness the energy, and help people improve themselves. There is nothing better than helping people push their limits and realise their goals, except maybe a new 1 rep max back squat!!!

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